Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 133

Dire Straits- Dire Straits

I've never claimed to be a big Dire Straits fan, but I want to be. I've always dug their singles, but have never owned any of there albums previously. Thanks to some nice, cheap finds, especially at Music Mania, I now have five of their albums. Thanks Bernard!

So in case you know as little about Dire Straits as I did, this is their debut album from 1978. The song you'll know of this is "Sultans of Swing". As much as I like that tune, I gotta go with "Southbound Again" and my favorite "Wild Wild West" as the best songs on here.

I tell you what though, I always knew that Mark Knopfler was a good guitar player, but listening all the way through, the dude is a great guitar player. I think I'm really going to enjoy the next 4 days of Dire Straits albums. It'll probably drive Jessica up the wall like most of the albums have lately. Oh well, her WE and TLC reality shows drive me up the wall, so we're even.

Are Dire Straits in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Not that at matters since the Hall is a joke, but just curious. I guess I could google it, but it's really late, I'm really tired, and I really need to go to bed.

Who's up for an 11 minute version of "Sultans of Swing"? Yeah I thought so....

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