Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 134

Dire Straits- Communique

I've listened to this entire album before typing a word, which is not what I normally do. Typically, I'll type along while the record is playing and whatever pops in my head, I'll type. But this was my first listen to Communique, and I wanted to hear all of it before I formed an opinion. And that opinion is: it's a snoozer.

There were three songs I really got into. The title track, "Lady Writer", and my favorite "Portobelle Belle". Really the whole album just has the same tempo throughout. Maybe if I was in a mellow mood I'd like it more. I still really appreciate Mark Knopfler's guitar playing and songwriting, but you have to wonder if these songs were leftover tracks from their first album. I'm sure they were rushed by the record company to put it out asap.

"Portobello Belle" even sounds better live:

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