Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 136

Dire Straits- Love Over Gold

This was the last Dire Straits album I bought. The main reason I bought it was because when my Dad first started reading this blog he had asked me if I had the song "Private Investigations". Well, no I didn't, so I made it a point to buy it.

Not really sure why my Dad is into that tune. I found it pretty boring. I dug all 14 minutes of "Telegraph Road" and love, love, love "Industrial Disease", but "Private Investigations" is nothing memorable in my book. Sorry, Dad.

I'm starting to think that I must have had a greatest hits cd of Dire Straits years ago or something. That's the only way I can explain knowing a song like "Industrial Disease" so well. I don't remember it ever on MTV or hearing it on the radio, but when it came on tonight, I was singing right along with it.

After writing that last paragraph, I took a break from the computer and focused on the last two songs on the album. And like Johnny Utah would say, "Whoa!". "It Never Rains" might be my new all time favorite Dire Straits song. Had to listen to it back to back. Thanks Dad, for making me buy this record!

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