Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 137

Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms

Yep, all these years later and I still think "Money For Nothing" is a stupid song. Actually think it's worst now. What a terribly dated song. How did MTV edit out the inappropriate lyrics on this song? I realize the 80's were a different time, but still. I'm curious to go back and watch the video again just to see how the whole second verse was edited out. If it was at all. It annoyed me to no end how much MTV played this song. And you knew it was just because of the lyric,"I want my MTV" that Sting sings. Shame on Mark Knopfler for writing such a wildly successful, crappy song.

As for the other singles off this album, I don't really care for them much either. Listening to "Walk Of Life" again just makes me think about the preppy 80's. The Preps loved this shit. I can totally envision them doing the white person dance to this song. "So Far Away" never did much for me either, but it's not as bad as the other two. At least the last song on Side 1, "Why Worry", is really good.

The only song I cared for on Side 2 was the second track, "The Man's Too Strong".

I kept waiting for a huge skip to happen on this record so I'd have an excuse to throw it away. But since it didn't happen, I'll keep it just to have the whole studio album catalog minus On Every Street, which I really want because I love the title track.

Hmmm, I found a clip with that second verse included in the video, but I still got to believe that MTV edited it out. Listen for yourself.

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