Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 139

Dokken- Tooth & Nail

Man, I've really been slacking off on this blog this week. Had I known that I was going to skip last night, I would have made an effort to do one on Sunday. But yesterday was seriously brutal. We were busy as all get out at Waterloo and by the time I got home, I was pooped. All I wanted to do was grab a quick bite to eat and go to bed.

I am happy to say though that last night was my last time to work at Waterloo Records. I didn't hate working there at all, but I was burnt out. I didn't need a second job and going there every Tuesday just took it's drain out on me. I plan on still going to visit the store every Tuesday, but it will be a helluva lot more enjoyable as a customer only.

I'm surprised at myself for only having one Dokken album. For quite awhile there in the mid 80's they were the band for me. At one point I even had one whole wall of my bedroom covered in nothing but Dokken posters and pictures that I'd cut out of Circus and Hit Parader magazines. Man, those magazines ruled. My main man in Dokken was George Lynch, the guitar player. What a shredder. I loved the way he'd play with his three fingers not holding the pick straight out. We all emulated that style back in the day.

It's weird growing up with Dokken, Under Lock and Key was always my favorite album of theirs, but listening to this album again, I gotta give it up to this one. It sounds a lot heavier and less cheesy than I remember Under Lock and Key being. I guess with that album, they had to capitalize on the success that "Alone Again" gave them off of this album.

Thinking back on how many times I saw Dokken back in the 80's in concert, I'm starting to feel sorry for them. They never made it as headliners. They were always the opening act. I saw them open for Aerosmith, Judas Priest, and Twisted Sister. Plus on the Monsters of Rock tour of '88 with Van Halen, Scorpions, and Metallica. I remember me and my friends waiting for the chance to see Dokken as the headliner, but it never came to be. But then in 1998, a reformed Dokken played at the old Backroom in East Austin. I had to go. My chance to finally see Dokken headline!

Oy, was it pathetic. You could tell Don and George still hated each other and both had this vibe about them that they were above playing in such a small club. And Don's voice was shot. The only one who looked like he was truly having a great time was Jeff Pilson, the bass player. He even took over lead vocals from Don on "Just Got Lucky". Weird. Anyways, we left way before it was over. It was too much of a bummer to see my childhood heroes in that capacity.

If the chance ever comes up again with a true reunion gig, I'll give it another shot. I know Lynch and Pilson want to do it, but Don D is being a prick about it. I think he knows that the fans prefer Lynch over himself and that makes him jealous. Grow up, asshole. And put the bottle down for good while you're at it.

Keep Rokken with Dokken.

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