Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 146

The Dream Academy- The Dream Academy

Pretty funny that I follow up Nick Drake with a band who's only hit was a tribute to Nick Drake. It's no surprise when you listen to this whole album why they are a one hit wonder band. No other song sounds anything close to "Life In A Northern Town". The rest is more poppy, less folky. Maybe if they kept the folk sound going they would have had a longer career as a band. A few songs on Side 2 sound like bad 80's British soul music. No thanks.

Interesting fun fact about this album is it was co-produced by David Gilmour. He plays guitar on a couple of tracks too. Interesting fun fact #2 is Peter Buck plays the 12 String Rickenbacker on the song, "The Party", which is the only other really good song on this album. I'm curious how that came about. I assume they were recording this album in 1984, so it's not like Peter Buck was the big time name he is now back then. Anyways, really good tune. They screwed up by not releasing at their second single.

Well this will be my last blog of 2010. We are going to the "Classical Mystery Tour" at the Palmer tomorrow night for New Year's Eve so I won't have time to listen to a record. So Happy New Year's to everyone!

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