Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 149

Duran Duran- Rio

I tried really hard to hate this band back in their heyday when I was in Sixth Grade. No dude would admit to liking Duran Duran back then. Too bad I was trying to prove I was a "man" at such an early age because I missed out what is a very good album. Better late than never though, right?

I did always secretly like "Hungry Like The Wolf" back in the day and some of their other hits as well and that's what lead me to buying two of their albums. I gotta say, this one is really good throughout. And I completely forgot about "Save A Prayer". Good tune.

It's funny, but I was originally dreading that tonight was the first of two Duran Duran nights, but ended up really glad that it was. Tomorrow night should be just as fun with Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

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  1. "Save A Prayer," not only their best song but arguably their best video. It was shot among the beaches and temples of Sri Lanka.
    As good as the 80's get. Well, except for Madonna. And Journey. And Book Of Love. And Bananarama. And....