Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 152

Bob Dylan- Bringing It All Back Home

I picked up this record at a Goodwill in my girlfriend's hometown of Columbia, Missouri for only .50 cents. What makes that an even sweeter deal is this is my favorite Dylan record and it's in great shape!

I guess it was 2007 that me and my buddies put a band together called, The Idiot Winds, for a Dylan Hoot Night at Emo's. Since I was the least talented, yet best looking of the bunch (kidding!), I was made the lead singer. Anyways, we did three songs and one of them was "Outlaw Blues" off of this album. Man, I can't even remember the other two songs we did. Ugh, it'll come to me eventually.

We had a blast doing it. Our keyboard player had never even played before but he is such a Dylan freak he insisted on being in the band. He had the chords color coded. Pretty funny. And he did a great job!

Actually I think we all did pretty well. At least we didn't make complete fools out of ourselves in front of 150 people. And I'm proud of myself for remembering all the words! The only thing that went wrong was my pickup fell out of my acoustic on the first song and Chris broke a string right off the bat of our set. Oh well, that's rock n' roll right?

It just came to me. We did "Odds and Ends" and "Apple Suckling Tree" from Basement Tapes too. Basically we picked three songs that were only three chords each. Ha!

Ok, enough of that. Since this is my favorite Dylan album, I'd tell you to get this one as well. I guess you could just go get a Greatest Hits album, but that's pretty lame for someone like Dylan. It's ok for John Denver, but not Dylan! In case you don't know this record, it has "Subterranean Homesick Blues", "Maggie's Farm", "Mr. Tambourine Man", and "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" on it. So see, it already is a greatest hits album on it's own.

A friend of mine filmed our three song set from that Dylan Hoot Night, but I can't find it anywhere on youtube, so here's The White Stripes doing "Outlaw Blues" instead. They almost do it as well as we did.

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