Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 153

Bob Dylan- New Morning

If any of you have a video console that supports the EA Active 2, I highly recommend it if you want your ass kicked with a good workout. I just bought it tonight for $60 and it sure did kick my ass. It feels great to work out again and it's cool that they are creating a fun, good workout as a video game. Being that I plan to keep this up continuously, that $60 was a real bargain! I need it too. Softball season is just around the corner...

What I need to start doing is my Active 2 workout while I listen to a record. The workout is about 20 minutes long for beginners, so that's at least one side of an album. I didn't think of it tonight, but I'll do that tomorrow.

Only thing that sucks is this cedar in the air is starting to kick my ass too. Anytime I was looking down while exercising, my nose starting running. That sucked. At least the cedar is not killing me like it is Jessica. Poor girl. She's a wreck right now.

On to this Dylan album. I wasn't too familiar with this one when I first got it since I never owned it before. The only song I really knew was album opener, "If Not For You". But overall, it's a really good album. Highlights are "Day of the Locusts", "If Dogs Run Free", and "One More Weekend". I'd recommend it.

Cool clip of Dylan and George Harrison doing "If Not For You" during rehearsals for the Concert For Bangladesh.

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