Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 158

Eagles- Desperado

The big hits off this record are "Desperado" (obviously) and "Tequila Sunrise". Surprising though that "Desperado" was never released as a single.

If you like the country rock, you should definitely pick up this album. And it's a concept album about the Dalton gang to boot. The Dalton gang were a real gang that robbed banks and trains in the late 1800's in Kansas. Pretty interesting stuff to read up on. I always dig songs or albums that are based on historical facts. It gets me interested in something that I might have otherwise not known anything about.

This album may not be as popular as their debut album, but it's just as good in my book. If not better. Besides some great country rock songs, it has one of the most rockin' Eagles songs on it, "Out of Control". I also really dig the two songs that Bernie Leadon sang lead on: "Twenty One" and "Bitter Creek". Oh and there are a few songs on here again co-written by Jackson Browne. Was he ever asked to join the band? I'm curious.

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