Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 160

Eagles- One of These Nights

Sick of the Eagles yet? Surprisingly, I am not. And I just finished listening to my least favorite Eagles album. It's not a terrible album at all, but if you got to rank them, this would be at the bottom.

First off, let me tell you what hits are on here. You have "One Of These Nights" leading off the album, plus
"Lyin' Eyes", and "Take It To The Limit". I still really like the latter two, but I don't understand how "One of These Nights" made it to #1 on the charts. Must have been a piss poor summer song wise in '75. This album also features the one and only time that Don Felder sang lead vocals for the song "Visions". Eh, it's just ok. The one song that I do think is truly awful is the album closer, "I Wish You Peace". I just wished it would end. My favorite track on the record is the Bernie Leadon written instrumental "Journey of the Sorceror". Definitely a Blue Oyster Cult song title, but a really cool tune.

This was also Bernie Leadon's last album with the Eagles. I wonder if he left because as a band, they were getting further away from their country rock sound. The dude was in the Flying Burrito Bros. after all. Maybe I'll find out the answer to that question in Don Felder's book. After writing about it yesterday, I went out and bought it today. I've already gotten through the first three chapters, but just like all biographies, I don't give two shits about their childhood. I don't care what your parents did, I don't care that you climbed trees, and I don't care that you grew up poor. Wah-wah. You are a millionaire now, get over it. Just start the book out from when you first picked up a guitar and go from there. Don't make the reader wait to get to the reason why the bought it. Ugh. Keith Richards did that with his book too. So annoying. I'm sure it will get good eventually. It's called Heaven and Hell if you are interested in getting a copy yourself.

On another note, if you live in Austin, go check out Mortified tomorrow night. It's at the United Art Authority ( I think that's what its called) next to Spider House. Jessica is one of the producers this go round and I went to tonight's performance. It is hilarious.

If you don't know what Mortified is, here's the link:

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