Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 161

Eagles- Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975

The all time #1 selling album in the U.S. with 29 million records sold. That's an insane number. Basically, one out of every eleven Americans have purchased this album at one time or another. I know I've had it on cassette, CD, and now vinyl. Bought I think I only bought it new on cassette.

When you look at the track listing, I guess it's easy to see why it's sold so many copies:

Side 1
1.Take It Easy
2.Witchy Woman
3.Lyin' Eyes
4.Already Gone

Side 2
1.One Of These Nights
2.Tequila Sunrise
3.Take It To The Limit
4.Peaceful Easy Feeling
5.Best of My Love

Today, my buddy Jerald let me borrow and To The Limit: The Untold Story of The Eagles and The Eagles: An American Band which is mostly a picture book. So to go along with Don Felder's book, I'll know more about the Eagles than I ever wanted to in about a month. You can use me as your lifeline if a question about the Eagles comes up at trivia night.

Looking forward to listening to Hotel California tomorrow night, even though it only sold a measly 16 million copes. Jeesh.

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