Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 164

Eagles- Live

Ok, I OD'd on the Eagles tonight. Still pretty good that I went 8 days before it happened. And at least tomorrow night is my last Eagles record.

I guess what got me tonight was listening to a live double album consisting of a bunch of songs I've listened to a lot of the past week. The Eagles don't stray far from how the song sounds in the studio, so there really aren't any surprises here. The only thing that makes me keep it in the collection is the Joe Walsh tune, "Life's Been Good" is on here. He recorded it for his solo album while the Eagles were on hiatus.

Also pretty hilarious is Rolling Stone called this album, "the most overdubbed live album in history". Which is totally true. The background "live" audience noise is ridiculous. It's really worth listening to for a cheap laugh.

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