Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 168

Earthless- Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky

I waited a couple of days until Jessica had a chance to talk to all her friends and family before I said anything on here, but I want to let you all know that I popped the big question and she said yes! I couldn't have prayed, wished, or asked for a better girl. She means absolutely everything to me. We're still working out the details on a wedding date and location.

So now that my bride to be is sick and in bed, I'm in the other room jamming out to the psychedelic instrumental metal that is Earthless. I love this shit.

It's also a nice release from the 11 days straight I just went through of country rock. I lucked out getting into this band. I was at Encore Records one day and they were playing this over the speakers. Although I normally don't do this, I had to find out from the guy behind the counter who this band was. Luckily it was right before SXSW so I got to see them do one 45 minute instrumental song with none other than J. Mascis as a special guest. Best show I saw that year, hands down.

This album here consists of two numbers. "Godspeed" on Side 1 is 20 minutes long and "Sonic Prayer" on Side 2 is 21 minutes long. I know that doesn't sound awesome to me, but this stuff just gets me amped up.

Here's an edited version of "Sonic Prayer" live:

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