Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 171

Electric Light Orchestra- Ole ELO

I had to miss last night because it was my birthday. We went out to a Brazilian restaurant with some friends to celebrate and I had one too many drinks (that would be two for me). I can home kinda drunk and all I wanted to do was finish watching the UT basketball game and then go to sleep. Which is exactly what I did.

This is a compilation album of songs from ELO's early years. There are some good cuts on it, but overall I think it's just ok. I love the opening number, "10538 Overture", but hate the next two songs on Side 1. "Roll Over Beethoven" is 8 minutes long and unnecessary. I do dig that "Evil Woman" and "Strange Magic" are on Side 2. "Evil Woman" used to be my ringtone whenever my friend Yasmine called me. Not that she's evil, I just thought it was funny.

Jessica got me a $50 gift certificate to Waterloo for my birthday so I went up there and picked up 5 records tonight. I'm going to get off here now to listen to This Will Destroy You. Bye

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