Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 172

Joe Ely- Musta Gotta Lotta Notta

I've never owned any Joe Ely until I told my buddy Jerald that I really dig the song "Dallas" and he just so happened to have a second copy of this lp to give me. So thanks, Jerald.

Now that I have an album of his, next thing I need to do is see him live. I've always heard he's great in concert, but like not owning his records, I haven't a clue why I haven't gone to see him yet. I've never been anti- Joe Ely, he's just always slipped through the cracks for me.

This is a really fun record. I'll have to ask Jerald to recommend any other Ely albums for me. This is his most popular though right? I have no idea, but I could see why it would be.

I took a break from the Harry Nilsson documentary to listen to this record, but now I'm going to go back to it. It's really good so far. It's called Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everyone Talking About Him?) in case you are interested. I'm sure I'll want to put on some Nilsson records later.

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  1. Joe Ely "Live Shots" with the 4 song ep if you can find it