Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 174

Europe- The Final Countdown

I own this album for comical purposes only. You never know when you'll need to bust out "The Final Countdown" as a joke. Seriously, comical purposes only. This album blows.

This has really been the most painful album to listen to. That's why I didn't blog last night. I couldn't sit all the way through it in one night.

I saw these guys open up for Def Leppard back in 1988 in which one of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen live happened. They opened and closed their show with "The Final Countdown". Ha! And what's even more screwed up is that they were on tour supporting their album that came out after The Final Countdown. Me and my buddy couldn't believe it. We were laughing so hard at their suckiness. We were only 15, but even at that age we knew that was really lame. God, I hope they still don't do that.

Every dude I knew growing up knew this band and this album sucked balls. How they released four relatively popular singles from this album is beyond me. Must have been a down year in 1986. They were just a bunch of bandwagon jumpers too us. From their Jon Bon Jovi wannabe lead singer to even changing their name from Force to Europe back in '82 when Asia was hugely popular. I'd be pissed off if I was European and this band took the name. You couldn't just call yourselves Sweden? Speaking of Sweden, I wonder how many Swedish Death Metal dudes grew up liking Europe. C'mon you know their had to be a few!

Alright, enough of this shit. Thank Christ that "The Final Countdown" is the first song on the album. It'd be hilarious if it was the last song too!

Good grief, this video has 14 million views on youtube!

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  1. It had been so long since I watched/listened to this song in it's entirety that I forgot there were actual lyrics besides "The Final Countdown".

    Oh and make that 14 million and 1.