Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 175

Exodus- Pleasures Of The Flesh

Go Packers! I couldn't blog last night because after celebrating the Super Bowl win, I was up pretty late watching the highlights over and over again on ESPN. Great game, and couldn't be more stoked as a Packer fan. I'm proud to be a shareholder of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers!!!

After the embarrassment of admitting that I own a Europe record, it's great to turn to a real and great metal band like Exodus. I've only gotten a chance to see them once and that was back in 1987 when they opened for Celtic Frost and Anthrax at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas. All three bands destroyed that night, but the coolest thing I remember was Gary Holt jumping in the crowd to punch the shit out of somebody. Me and my friend Matty thought that was the coolest thing ever and we declared Exodus to be total bad asses from that point on.

I was really bummed when they came through Austin last year and I had to miss the show due to the flu. I had been looking forward to that as soon as I heard the tour date, so I was really upset about missing out on that. I'm still hoping that when the Big Four do a real US tour, that they decide to bring Exodus along with them. They really do deserve to be there. Same with Testament.

So you get the idea that I think this album rules, right? Ok good, I won't have to get into it. I wish I owned Bonded By Blood too, but I never have seen that record in the stores. One of these days I know I'll have to resort to ordering a lot of albums online, but hey, I got a wedding to pay for first.

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