Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 176

Explosions In The Sky- The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

I just picked this up on vinyl last week. I've been a big fan of these guys since the beginning, but have only ever had their stuff on CD until now. I almost bought Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever at Waterloo tonight, but I decided to get The Frames album, For The Birds instead. I had to do it. I love that album and didn't know that it got released on vinyl. I'm actually listening to that record write now while I type, but I did listen to Explosions first.

I guess most people who read this blog already know about EITS, except for maybe my Dad.
Dad, it's instrumental rock music. But I bet you'll dig it. Check it out.

I like to call this type of instrumental music "Epic Rock", because well, the MO is to make the shit epic. I started calling it that while listening to This Will Destroy You, but it applies for this whole genre in my opinion. While we are on the subject of Epic Rock, has anyone else heard of We're From Japan? Great band out of Portland, but it seems like I'm the only person who has ever heard of them outside of the Pacific Northwest. I don't even know if they are still around anymore, but if they are, I really hope they make it down to Austin sometime. I can't recommend their 2005 album, 48 Minutes, 07 Seconds, Then The Open Air enough. They put out another album in 2008 that I've never heard and have tried to find a place to order it with no such luck. If I ever make it up to Portland, I'm definitely going to look for it. Any EITS, Mogwai, Mono, or This Will Destroy You fan will certainly dig them.

Ok that does it for the E's. Let's recap on what I need. I'm embarrassed I don't own any Echo & The Bunnymen. Also could use some Alejandro Escovedo, Eels, Emperor, The English Beat, Enslaved, Brian Eno, Mark Eitzel, Elbow, and The Everly Brothers. Damn, I got to get to work on the E's.

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