Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 178

Donald Fagen- The Nightfly

I'm not going to write much about tonight's album because 1) I don't feel like it and 2) after having a PS3 for a little over a year, I've finally gotten around to playing the free demo video games that are available in the Playstation store. It's pretty cool.

I did get this album because I like the song "New Frontier" a lot. It was one of the first videos I remember seeing on MTV. The rest of the album is ok, but nothing memorable sticks out. If anything, it's another example of a great 70's artist that tried to fit in with the 80's sound and failed. Too many synthesizers. Donald Fagen is a lot cooler with he's fronting Steely Dan. Now that's a band that I absolutely love. Can't wait to get to their catalog.

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