Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 180

Firefall- Firefall

Well this was only slightly painful to listen to. Why do I own it you ask? For "You Are The Woman" of course! I have no problem whatsoever buying an album just because of one song if it only costs a buck.

"You Are The Woman" has got to be one of the cheesiest songs ever. Especially with the flute taking such a prominent role in the song. But goddamnit, I love this song! It's a happy, fun song that I'm now tempted to play at my wedding. I'm sure Jessica will never go for this though.

The rest of the album is rather bad and is prime example of why people like to make fun of soft rock acts. And I love soft rock, but this is no Ambrosia here. I listen to this and I wonder how someone can still be in this band playing this schlock. I think I'd go mental. I looked it up, they are still a touring band. Nuts.

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