Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 191

Lita Ford- Lita

The reason why it's dangerous to walk into a record store with one dollar bills in your pocket is because you walk out with dumb shit like this..

Don't get me wrong, was hoooootttt just like every other 15 year old kid in 1988, but that didn't make me rush out and buy her album. Never owned it until 2010. Guess 15 year old Bobby is smarter than Bobby in his late 30's.

The biggest problem with this album is that it's way too keyboard heavy which I'm sure is as much Sharon Osbourne's fault as Lita's. (Sharon was her manager back then). Even a song co-written by Lemmy is ruined by the keyboards drowning out ever other instrument in the song. You take out those keyboards and you got a pretty damn good Motorhead song sung by Lita Ford.

Although I do give Lita props for trying to be a lead guitarist, her solos on every song aren't that tasty. Actually sound the same. So there you go, if Lita would have killed the keyboard player and hired someone like Ritchie Kotzen or Vinnie Moore to be her lead guitarist, this album might be.....ok.

By the way, does anyone else thing that Lita Ford looks like the white Maria Conchita Alonso?

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