Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 194

Foreigner- Head Games

Third album by Foreigner and they are still bringing it.

When I first got this album, the only songs I recognized by title where "Dirty White Boy" and "Head Games", but it is well worth the .99 cents I payed for it. It's a real clean copy too. Funny how an album that has sold 5 million copies can now be found for so cheap.

It's also funny to me that people knock me for liking this band. There's a reason why they sold millions of albums. The shit is good.

99% of bands today would kill to sell 5 million copies of their album. Think about it this way, between 1977 and 1982, Foreigner released 4 studio albums and one Greatest Hits package and this album was this wost selling album in that period. Incredible.

So I found out that Lou Gramm is playing after a Round Rock Express game this July? Should I go? I do love baseball. But is seeing Lou Gramm not in Foreigner going to suck? Vice versa with going to see Foreigner now. I don't want to see them with the lead singer from Hurricane!

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