Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 198

Foster& Lloyd- Faster & Llouder

I've been looking forward to getting to this records. I got it a few weeks ago, but saved it for this blog since I knew they were coming up.

If "New Country" ended up sounding like this, I would be a fan of "New Country". Foster & Lloyd knew how to incorporate country music and rock & roll, but not make it sound cheesy like today's "country" artists or sound like a Southern rock party band. They just write smart, thoughtful songs and could rock it when necessary. Just listen to title track "Faster & Louder" if you don't believe me.

I'm stoked that they have decided to get back together. Looking forward to seeing them play at SXSW this year. Something tells me that even after being defunct for 20 years, they are still going to kill it. Hopefully these young "country" bands out in Nashville will take notice and think, "Oh, so that's how it's done!"

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