Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 205

Genesis- Wind & Wuthering

I'm back! SXSW was fun, but I'm really starting to get too old for it. Way too much non-sanctioned SXSW events going on that bring in large crowds of idiots that actually makes it less fun. I'm sick of all these companies throwing parties and trying to "out-free" each other. Whatever happened to it being about the music?

That being said, I did see a lot of good bands at normal, official SXSW showcases. Can't say enough about acts like Roge, Monahans, The RG Morrison, and Gram Rabbit to name a few. I also did some great interviews with Laura Jansen and Candy Golde. They were also both great live.

I'm tempted to hire somebody to cover SXSW for next year for The Vinyl District and I'll split town. It's incredible that I would even say that since I've loved SXSW for twenty years, but that's how out of hand it's become. Ok enough about that. I'm glad to finally be back on my own blog.

It's kind of odd that I only have Phil Collins fronted Genesis. I didn't do that intentionally, just worked out that way. Shame on me, and I'll be getting some Peter Gabriel era soon.

This is a really cool album and is one of Tony Banks' and Steve Hackett's favorites. It's also Hackett's last with Genesis. There are no "hits" on this record like Genesis became known for in the 80's. It's just a really solid prog-rock record throughout.

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