Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 212

Giuffria- Giuffria

Quite possibly the worst album in my collection. Something had to be right? I got it in one of the Half Price boxes and kept it because I did own it on cassette back in 1985. Hey, I was 12.

Even when I was 12, I wondered why the band was named "Giuffria". Such a terrible name for a band. I know that it's the keyboardist's last name, but who the hell is he? What makes him so special? At least Gene Simmons had the good sense to change the name of the band to House Of Lords when they signed to his label.

There were a couple of interesting players in this band though. Craig Goldy on guitar later on went to play in Dio's band and bass player Chuck Wright who has been in Quiet Riot longer than Rudy Sarzo ever was even though Sarzo gets all the notoriety.

The good thing about this album is there is no reason to keep it. It skipped like crazy on Side 1 so no hard decision on whether I should keep it or not.

Here 's a video of "Call To The Heart". Man, Gregg Giuffria has to working a rug in this vidow. No way can that be his real hair.

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