Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 217

Golden Smog- Down By The Old Mainstream

I'm bummed I haven't done this the last two nights, but I got a case of the shingles and the pain was pretty intense. I'm better now that I got some pain meds from the doctor.

Very happy to own this record. I didn't even know it was released on vinyl until two weeks ago. I bought it in a heartbeat. There is a pretty good chance that I listened to this album more than any other in the 90's.

Ok quick history lesson for those of you who don't know Golden Smog. This was a "supergroup" of sorts that consisted at the time of this record of Gary Louris and Marc Perlman from The Jayhawks, Dan Murphy from Soul Asylum, Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, Kraig Johnson of Run Westy Run, and Noah Levy from The Honeydogs. All great Minneapolis bands save Wilco, who are from Chicago. So if you are a fan of Midwest Rock, this album is for you.

It was also because of this album that I first heard a Ronnie Lane tune, "Glad and Sorry". It was always one of my favorite tunes on this record so I had to hear the original. Also, one of my all time favorite Tweedy songs, "Radio King" is on this record. Such a fun song to sing along too. The other cool thing about this band is that Louris, Tweedy, Murphy, and Johnson all shared lead vocal duties.

Golden Smog are still occasionally releasing albums, with the last coming out in 2007, but there is no way they can top this 1996 classic. I think the lineup now just consists of Perlman, Louris, Murphy and Johnson with guest players. I'd love to see Tweedy and either Levy or Jody Stephens come back for one more album. They did do Weird Tales together in 1998, and it was just ok, but I'd love to hear another one now. I got the chance to see this lineup play Austin Music Hall at SXSW (1997?) and it was fantastic. It was pretty weird that the next night at the same venue was Son Volt. A little strange to see Tweedy one night and Farrar the next. I remember hoping for one or the other to come out and do a special guest thing. One day hopefully we'll get that Uncle Tupelo reunion too.

Crappy video, but decent live recording of "Radio King".

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