Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 220

Grand Funk Railroad- Good Singin' Good Playin'

Terrible name for an album, but the album itself is pretty good. This is the last record that Grand Funk Railroad put out before breaking up and was produced by Frank Zappa, which is weird to me. I guess I should say when they broke up the first time in the 70's since all bands get back together now. Doesn't seem right without Mark Farner in the band though. Crazy that Bruce Kulick, from KISS fame has been in the band since 2000 as his replacement.

It was pretty interesting reading up on this record. They had actually broken up before recording this album and it was Frank Zappa that convinced them to get back together because he wanted to produce the album. So they did hoping for a big record, but it didn't quite live up to expectations and they broke up anyways. I don't think they even toured this record. None of the songs are recognizable, so no "hits", but a lot of good rock n' roll songs. I especially dig the tune, "Release Your Love". .

So I decided this weekend for my own sanity, that I'm going to take weekends off from blogging for the most part. I kind of learned this too from being the editor for TVD Austin. We don't blog on weekends there because there is no traffic and I'm realizing that on here as well. My weekday stats are like a 100 a day (not bad in my book!) compared to single digits on weekends. So what's the point? I really enjoyed the break this weekend from it and being able to play whatever record I wanted too.

Oh and I got rid of that Goldfrapp record already.

Not my turntable in case you were wondering:

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