Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 221

The Grass Roots- Their 16 Greatest Hits

I'm actually surprised that I'm blogging on my personal site tonight. The interview I did with Candy Golde back during SXSW is due tomorrow and of course I've procrastinated and am just now getting to it. Oh well, I work better under pressure. Be sure to go to thevinyldistrict.com tomorrow to read it. Hopefully I won't be up all night transcribing. I hate the sound of my own voice.

But first, I'm procrastinating even moreso by blogging the Grass Roots record. I bought specifically because I think "Sooner or Later" is one of the best happy feel good love songs of all time. That tune just always puts me in a great mood. Of the 16 songs on here though, their is a surprising number of songs that I know that I just never knew were Grass Roots songs. Like "Where Were You When I Needed You", "Midnight Confessions", "Let's Live For Today", and "Lovin' Things". So pretty damn good find if you ask me.

And yes in case you were wondering, this is the band that Creed from The Office was in. Good stuff.

Ok, 10:30pm now. Time to get serious about writing up this interview piece.

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