Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 222

Grateful Dead- American Beauty

I spent a lot of hours trying to track down this record in the used bins. For months, this was my #1 target every time I went on the hunt. It's that good of an album.

And I'm not a "deadhead" at all. In fact, this is probably the only studio record of theirs I'll ever need. Other than that, I'd probably pick up a Greatest Hits record or something.

But damn, it's a good one. I have the show Freaks & Geeks to thank for it too. The scene when Lindsey is listening to "Box of Rain" for the first time is so perfect to me. I knew the song before that, but I don't know what it was, but that episode made me see this album in a whole new light. I first bought it on the deluxe CD and it was cool with the extra tracks and whatnot, but I knew I needed this on vinyl.

I'm gonna call out my Dad right now since I know he reads this regularly. Dad, you should get this album. You'd love it.

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