Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 225

Great White- Once Bitten

I always thought that Great White were a bit underrated. They did write good tunes and Jack Russell can sing his ass off. I just think they've always had a string of bad luck. One, they shouldn't have gone all hair metal back in the 80's. They really don't have that sound (they were more blues based), but they adopted the look. Two, it's unfortunate that they are most known for covering Ian Hunter's "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" tune. I'm sure he's still enjoying the royalty checks. And finally their was the fire that happened in Rhode Island. People are still making jokes about that. Shit just isn't funny.

This album here is Great White's third record and the one that gained them a bit of fame due in part to the tunes "Rock Me" and Save Your Love". Best song on the record if you ask me though is "Lady Red Light".

I also got to see them on this tour when they opened for Whitesnake. Or as we called it, "The Great White Snake" tour. Good show and the only time I've seen them, but I'd check them out again if they came this way. But, bands like this hardly ever come to Austin. They'd much rather go to San Antonio or Dallas. Sometimes Austin is too indie for it's own good.

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