Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 227

Guns N' Roses- G N' R Lies

I know I just said that I would not be doing these on the weekends, but I feel like I have to catch up a little bit after the turntable fiasco. Plus this is only an EP so it was easy to breeze through.

I guess for those of you who aren't familiar with this record, the first side is the 1986 EP Live ?!*@ Like A Suicide and the second side is 4 acoustic numbers they recorded in 1988. This side has "Patience" on it. Which I still think is a fantastic song.

I like all 8 songs on here actually. I love the raw and gritty rock n' roll tunes on Side 1 and then the acoustic side really shows that Guns were some super talented dudes.

Y'know now that I've listened to the only two GnR albums I have, I think I want to go get Use Your Illusion Vol. 1 and II. I have never ever owned them in any format. Like I said last night, I got really tired of Guns and it only escalated with the double album. I blame MTV. I couldn't stand that song "November Rain". But now, I think it's really cool. I guess selfishly, it was a good thing that Axl took those 15 years off. I learned to appreciate Guns N' Roses again. Well, that is until I heard Chinese Democracy.

I forgot to do this last night, but this is the last of my "G" records. So as I do at the end of each letter, here's a list of other bands/artists in the G's that I need:
Galaxie 500, David Gilmour, Gin Blossoms (Hey, I still like them), Go-Betweens, Gojira, Jose Gonzalez, and Guided By Voices.

Let me know if I'm forgetting anybody.

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  1. First album I ever bought, I remember my Mom let me get it because she really liked the song "Patience." She was not so pleased with the rest of it. ;-)