Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 229

Sammy Hagar- Standing Hampton

Oh Sammy, did you really have to end this album with a cover of "Piece Of My Heart" with a really cheesy sax solo? Oy. That really put the stamp on Side 2 of this record just being completely awful.

Which is a shame because Side 1 is awesome. Can't beat leading off with one of my favorite Hagar tunes in "I'll Fall In Love Again" immediately followed by "There's Only One Way To Rock". Killer stuff.

At least he knows how to end the first side of the album with "Heavy Metal". So if you pick up this album and you see those three songs on it, you will more than likely buy it, but just fair warning that Side 1 is all you really want to listen to.

I guess because this album is so uneven, I'll have to give it a C. Sorry, Sammy.

Here's Hagar doing "There's Only One Way To Rock" when he was in Van Halen.

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