Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 230

Sammy Hagar- Three Lock Box

I did listen to this last night after my softball game, but I didn't post because I think I may have broken my finger. Still hurts like hell. I may have to go to the doctor if it doesn't feel better in a couple of days. Hoping it's just a jam.

After listening to my third and final Sammy Hagar album, I've decided that I do like him live more than on record. At least the 80's solo stuff. Way too many cheesy keyboards kills the tunes.

Speaking of seeing him live, the year the Super Bowl was in Houston, we drove down there to take part in the party activities and got lucky enough to be part of the Hagar stage show. He has a good chunk of his fans be up on stage in the background. Pretty cool. We helped ourselves to the onstage margarita machine with Cabo Wabo tequila of course. What was also pretty bizarre is that after a few songs, I looked to my right and realized that I was standing just a few feet on the stage from Christie Brinkley and Toby Keith. Now I don't give two shits about Toby Keith, but damn, Christie Brinkley is still incredibly hot. We didn't bug her though.

Only two real good tunes on here. "Three Lock Box" and "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy". In fact, "Three Lock Box" was the first ever Hagar song I heard. I remember thinking it was really weird and unlike anything else I heard, but it really grew on me. But I really didn't become a Sammy fan until VOA came out. I still do want to get that on vinyl.

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