Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 235

Head East- Flat As A Pancake

I had to get this record just for the hit single, "Never Been Any Reason". Man, that song rules. That tune alone has got to still be paying the bills. I always crank it when I hear it on the radio.

Obviously these dudes were one hit wonders, but while I was listening to that song, I started thinking about what "one hit wonder" song is the best? I had a hard time thinking of others that rule as much as "Never Been Any Reason" does.

But besides that track, the whole album is actually pretty good. I really dug the tunes "Love Me Tonight" and "Jefftown Creek". I'll put this album on again, most definitely. And not just for the big hit.

Another thing I also always wonder when I listen to bands like Head East, is what happened to them after they broke up? Well I did some research and turn out that after recovering from his drug problem and discovering God, lead singer John Schlitt went on to form big time Christian rock band, Petra. I had no idea.

Not that I'm a Petra fan at all, but I think most people have at least heard of them. Good for him. I wonder if they ever did "Never Been Any Reason" live. Ha!

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