Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 238

Jimi Hendrix Experience- Axis: Bold As Love

My favorite Hendrix album. It's all about the ballads on this album for me. I can listen to "Castles Made of Sand" repeatedly and not get sick of it. Same could almost be said for "Little Wing" and "One Rainy Wish" also, but not to the same extent. Oh, and I can't forget the awesomeness of the title track.

I also dig that you don't hear as many of these songs on the radio like you do the first album. It's real easy for me to get sick of tunes like "Purple Haze" or "Foxey Lady". I usually change to a different station nowadays when either of those come on. But that's radio's fault for being close-minded.

And don't get me wrong about this record. I still dig all the rockers on here too. I just realized that I came across as a sissy boy touting the ballads.

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