Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 249

The Hooters- Nervous Night

I think the Hooters get a bad rap and I'm not exactly sure why. I've always thought they were a really good band, but I have a lot of friends who rag on them. Or maybe it's just my friends that are wrong and everybody else thinks they are cool.

I mean they did write some pretty damn catch pop tunes back in the 80's. C'mon, "Day by Day" still rules. And they weren't gimmicky at all like a lot of 80's bands. They looked like pretty normal Philadelphia dudes to me. Or maybe it's just the name of their band? Ok, I admit, that's pretty bad.

So I wonder if I have a collector's item on my hands. When I had this album on CD, it included the title track on the album. It's nowhere to be found on this vinyl copy. Which is a shame because I really dig that song. Lots of other good tunes on here though. Besides "Day by Day", there's also "All You Zombies" and "And We Danced". "Where Do The Children Go"is also on here, but I think that song blows.

I need to go find their second album now.

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