Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Days 246-247

John Hiatt- Slow Turning and Stolen Moments

Sorry, I got carried away doing other stuff the past few nights, but I have been listening to records while I do it. Basically, I've been sucked into a new video game and can't stop! Damn you, NCAA Football!

These are the two John Hiatt albums I've listened to the most since they first came out. The song "Slow Turning" is what first turned me onto him. I'm trying to remember where I first heard it, but I can't. Had to have been public radio in Dallas. I can't imagine MTV, CMT, or regular radio playing him. I do remember that CMT played the crap out of Suzy Bogguss' cover of "Drive South" though.

I do like Stolen Moments better than Slow Turning. The latter is a great album, but more country where as the former is more poppy. "Real Fine Love" is one of my all time favorites. I used to put that song on a whole lot of mix tape/cd's. I'm sure the girl was like, "what the hell is this?", but I didn't care and there was no secret message I was sending her, it's just a great song.

That's it for John Hiatt. I wish I could find Perfectly Good Guitar and Walk On on vinyl but since they were mid-90's releases I doubt I will.

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