Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 256

Ida- I Know About You

I'm a huuuuge Ida fan. I was so happy when I came across the Polyvinyl website and saw that they had this album for only $10! I've listened to it many times over the last few months since getting it on vinyl. Which is funny because before that I hadn't listened to it in years.

I remember years ago when I first came across Ida, I told myself that if I had the talent, this is the kind of band I would want to start. I still feel that way too.

You can't listen to a song like "Little Things" or "Plans" and not be touched. Unless you're a heartless bastard. Even though those are my two favorite songs on the album, every single track is outstanding. This is indie folk pop at it's finest.

Time to get back on polyvinyl's site and get the rest of their catalog on vinyl.

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