Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 257

INXS- Listen Like Thieves

After listening to Icehouse two nights ago and now INXS, I'm curious how many Australian bands records I have. AC/DC, the two just mentioned, Midnight Oil and Men at Work immediately come to mind. I know there are more, but I'm not going to look through my whole collection to see. Just a thought I had.

I've never been a big INXS fan. Fair weathered at best. I've never owned any of their albums until recently and never saw them live. In fact one time, me and my friends camped out overnight in the Rainbow Ticketmaster parking lot to be first in line to get tickets to see INXS, Guns N' Roses, and someone else at Texas Stadium. For some reason, after being up all night in the parking lot, 15 minutes before tickets went on sale, I changed my mind and didn't buy a ticket. No idea why I did that. My friends all said it was a great show too.

So is a pretty good album. I picked it up for dirt cheap and really only for "What You Need", but there are quite a few gems on here like "Listen Like Thieves" and "This Time".

Good start to my INXS run. I have two more to go after this.

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