Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 258

INXS- The Swing

Oops, I got this album and Listen Like Thieves out of order. Oh well, it had to happen at some point.

I should have realized that as soon as I looked at the back cover for the list of songs and didn't recognize a single one of these tunes. Not a bad album at all, but you can tell they are still coming into their own before they took it up a notch with Thieves.

I also listened to Kick right after this one over the weekend, but I'll save that post for tomorrow. Jessica was back in Missouri the past few days so I had a lot of time to listen to records. Mostly I just listened to Rush albums since I went to go see them for the third time last night. Awesome as usual.

Speaking of awesome, how about those Dallas Mavericks, eh? Last night's victory made me proud to be from Dallas. Same thing happened when the Rangers went to the World Series last year too. Funny how I love the Mavs, the Stars, and the Rangers, but despise the Cowboys. Go Packers!

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