Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 259

INXS- Kick

I like this album more now than I did in the 80's. I think back then there was just too much INXS going on. These dudes were everywhere when this album came out and I was super sick of their overexposure. And it didn't help that every girl in school was in love with Michael Hutchence.

But now that I listen to this album, I've learned to forgive and appreciate that it really is a great album. Hell, I even enjoyed listening to "Never Tear Us Apart" and back in the old days I probably set a record for changing the channel quickest when this video came on. And it was always on!

So I guess after listening to three INXS albums, I'm open to getting more if I find them in the used bins. I think I got all three of these records for a buck each.

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