Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 261

Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden

Starting off Iron Maiden week with their debut. Unfortunately I don't have all of their stuff. Missing Killers and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son as well as lot of their 90's stuff, but I'm specifically in the hunt for those two. But yeah, eventually I hope to have their entire catalog on vinyl. It's Maiden, dudes!

Although I really dig this album, it's not the Maiden I grew up with so it's different to me. Nothing against Paul Di'anno. I think he's a fine singer, but Bruce Dickinson is the voice of Iron Maiden.

While I was listening to this record, I started to think how cool it'd be if they re-cut this record with Dickinson on lead vocals. Plus getting Adrian Smith on guitar and Nicko McBrain on drums. I know it'd never happen, but I think that would rule. Another reason to do that is because the production is pretty crappy.

Oh well, a kid can dream right?

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