Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 266

Iron Maiden- Somewhere In Time

This is the Maiden album I know best. It was the first one I bought on my own (separate from my brother) and also the tour where I saw Iron Maiden for the first time. It's funny, I remember the show well. Frehley's Comet opened up, but the only I can't remember was if it was at Reunion Arena in Dallas or the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth. I'm leaning towards the latter.

This album was also one of the very first CD's I bought when I got a CD Player for my 16th birthday in 1989. So from first owning it on cassette in '86 to getting it on CD in '89, I played the shit out of this album.

I'll stick to Powerslave and Piece Of Mind being my favorite Maiden records, but I still love this album a lot. It's a different sounding record and I think maybe their first attempt at getting some radio play with "Wasted Years" and "Heaven Can Wait". Those songs are still totally metal, but also radio friendly.

My favorite track though is definitely the album closer, "Alexander The Great". That song is a history lesson! I remember when I saw that crappy Oliver Stone movie, Alexander I thought to myself, hell I'd rather listen to the Maiden song.

Unfortunately this is the last Iron Maiden record I have in my collection from their run in the 80's. I still have two more to go, but I really would like to find at least Killers and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son soon.

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