Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 268

Iron Maiden- The Final Frontier

I had to listen to this album twice in a row to really get a feel for it. Which also makes it only the third time I've put it on. That's the problem with having too many records.

So I do dig it. It's not "classic" Maiden, but it's a pretty damn good album none the less. It's hard to point out what songs stand out as faves, I like them all, but I will say that I can't stand the first half acoustic bit of "The Talisman". It sounds like something Blackmore's Night would do. C'mon dudes, just rock out!

I'm pretty certain that "El Dorado" was the "single" from this album and that stands out. So does "Starblind".

I will say that this album does it get a demerit for worst Iron Maiden album cover. Eddie looks like he's morphing into the Predator. Give Eddie his hair back! At least they used the red font in their name. It always looks cooler when they do that.

Ok, that's it for the I's. Came and went pretty quickly. I can't think of many other "I" bands I would like to get other than the Isley Brothers, Billy Idol and Isis. Pretty weak letter when it comes to bands.

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