Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 284

Waylon Jennings- Greatest Hits

It seems lately more often than not I'm coming up with excuses of why I'm not posting everyday. Well I got a doozy of an excuse right now. I just starting working on remodeling a friend's house, so I'll be over there every day for the next 2 weeks or more. So like today, I worked my day job until 5 and then headed straight over there.
The worst part is it's way out in the country so it takes me forever to get there. Three days into this job and I'm already pooped. At least the money's worth it.

So that's another reason why I'm glad that I listened to a bunch of my records way in advance of posting because I won't have much time to sit around and listen to records for the next couple of weeks.

Waylon, I actually listened to a week ago and it's so good, I can't wait to listen to it again. This really is a "Greatest Hits" record. Even if you aren't a Waylon fan, you have probably heard all of these songs at one time or another. Especially if you grew up in Texas. Still gotta say after listening to all these hits, "Luckenbach, Texas" is my favorite Waylon tune.

Highly recommended record for any casual to die hard fan of real country music.

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