Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Days 280-282

The Jayhawks- The Jayhawks, Hollywood Town Hall, & Tomorrow The Green Grass

Time for me to start catching up to what record I'm really listening to tonight. I got way ahead of myself and have about 8 records to go to be current so I though it'd be best to do these three Jayhawks albums together. Yes, I really listened to them on three consecutive nights.

And I should state that I am a huge Jayhawks fan. I was really stoked when they re-released these three albums. Now I just wish they would release all of them on vinyl. Especially Blue Earth since I've never owned it in any capacity.

So this first album that was released on vinyl on Lost Highway last year is pretty good, but definitely a new band looking to find their sound. Mostly led by Mark Olson, it's more a country record than rock. I still dig it a lot, but by far my least favorite Jayhawks record.

Now for Hollywood Town Hall, that's the record that first introduced me to the Jayhawks. I was blown away the first time I heard "Waiting For The Sun". MTV used to play that video quite a bit back in the old days. It's still one of my favorite Jayhawks songs. The whole album is a classic all the way through.

And lastly we have Tomorrow The Green Grass. Honestly, I wasn't as crazy about this album when it first came out as I was it's predecessor, but over time, I've grown to love it just as much. I was always a fan of the single, "Blue", but the rest of the record didn't click with me right off. It's hard to rank where I would put this album in their catalog, but it's up there now. Just for the record, the last Jayhawks studio record, Rainy Day Music is my favorite.

I'm looking forward to hearing the new Jayhawks album that comes out in September now that they have the classic Tomorrow The Green Grass era band back together. I already heard the first single on the radio and came away impressed. Can't wait to see them come back through Austin!

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