Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 285

Billy Joel- Streetlife Serenade

This is the start of a pretty lengthy Billy Joel run. Not sure how many I have, but I've already listened to them all. I'm too lazy right now to count.

Starting with Streetlife Serenade, so yeah that means I'm missing his first two albums including Piano Man. I'm sure I'll eventually come around to getting it. Cold Spring Harbor too. I really dig Joel's 70's stuff and some of the early 80's. He really lost me with River of Dreams and that "We Didn't Start The Fire" crap. So no, I don't own that record and never will. Doubt I'd even accept it for free.

This is a decent album. Standouts include the single, "The Entertainer" as well as the two instrumentals on the record: "Root Beer Rag" and "The Mexican Connection". I also dig "Los Angelenos". Wasn't he living in LA during this period before moving back to New York City? I think I read that somewhere, but I could be wrong. Hopefully he'll change his mind and write that book that I heard he scrapped. I bet it would be a good read.

No video attached tonight. Like I said, I'm feeling lazy and I don't want to search for one.

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