Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 300

Howard Jones- Dream Into Action

Is Howard Jones the King of the Synthesizer? He should be. Well, either him or Thomas Dolby. Guess it could be a toss up.

Too bad you can't just buy Side 1 of this record. Side 2 is some serious crap. You know how there are times in life where you have to do something shitty once and then you are glad that you never have to do it again in your life? Well that's how I feel about Side 2 of this record. So glad I never have to hear it again.

But Side 1 on the other hand is pretty brilliant. It has 4 tracks that went on to be singles that just about everyone my age should recognize. "Things Can Only Get Better", "Life In One Day", "Like To Get To Know You Well", and the big hit, "No One Is To Blame". Now that's good stuff. Maybe he should have just put out an EP.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, this is Day 300 for me. Another milestone, another pat on the back.

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