Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 305

Journey- Next

Sorry I've been busy the last few days either playing the new Anthrax album, Worship Music every night instead of blogging or like last night, going out. I highly recommend you pick up the Anthrax record. And going out.

This isn't your sister's Journey. (That's coming later). This is the pre-Steve Perry, largest afro on a white man courtesy of Neal Schon era of Journey. This album is also extremely prog rock, so no girl would ever get into it. So yeah, in a lot of ways, it's the better era of Journey.

I really dig all 8 songs on this record, but "People" is easily my favorite. Pretty crazy that this is the same band that went on to do sappy shit like "I'll Be Alright Without You". I think I have that record too. Oy.

I couldn't find a video for this record. Oh well, just more reason for you to go buy it yourselves.

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